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Build great experiences for millions of Sonos speakers.

We've built the Sound Platform for the Connected Home so you can help us with the mission to fill every home with music. Use the platform to create incredible experiences on millions on Sonos speakers worldwide.

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Hi Product Hunt! Matt Welch here. I'm the lead dev advocate for the Sonos Sound Platform. Nancy and I are so excited to bring the platform to Product Hunt and to the world, starting today. To get the obvious out of the way, Nancy and I didn't make the platform. We just get to rep it. There's a huge team of incredible men and women who put a lot of time, thought and love in to the creation of the platform, and I couldn't be more proud to bring their work to you all. The Sonos Sound Platform exists because we want people to build great things and help our listeners enjoy their music and other content more easily. We think devs will make "time to music" shorter, and using Sonos even more joyful. Let us know if you have any questions, visit us at, and go build great sound experiences on Sonos!
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@_mattwelch_ super excited by this! Any code examples around for auth? I'm getting "Oops, there was a problem No matching registered redirect URI found." after the authorize page for the test web app I've written. I've added in my Redirect URI to the integrations portal 🤔
@conradj Thanks for trying things out! We've got some sample code in the works to demonstrate the oauth flow, and general platform features. Have you had a chance to read the Authorize section of our docs?
@_mattwelch_ I'll tell you what it was, it was me being an idiot late last night when the portal first opened and trying to write code instead of sleep. Fixed! Keep up the awesomeness all of you!
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Product Hunt! I’m thrilled the Sonos team can bring the Sound Platform to all of you. We’ve all worked hard and have been excited about this day. As Matt mentioned, we are here to rep the platform and support you along the way. Can’t wait to see all of the sonic experiences you will bring to the Sonos System, don’t hold back! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.
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I'm pretty stoked to see what creative people will build for audio. Within the past few years, millions of homes adopted Amazon Echo's and Google Home's. Now Apple HomePod and now Sonos' developer platform are entering the market. @_mattwelch_ I'm curious what use cases you're imagining on the new platform.
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@rrhoover To me, there are two really big opportunities that I'm excited to witness in these early days: providing choice in playback mechanisms, and making our interactions with our audio content more meaningful. The first is pretty self explanatory. We're excited about the multiple control surfaces that the Sonos Sound Platform will enable. Partners will be able to build integrations that range simple and quick, to deep and more considered. Want to just get SOMETHING playing? Push a button on a wall remote, and start random content. Want to go deep? Show me everything I've favorited, and let me chose what to play. The key point here is that the user can get as involved with the complex mechanics of playback selection as the playback content requires. The second will be fun too. Music playback in this digital age can be a bit... sterile. Our platform provides partners with an opportunity to remedy that. For example, our friends at TunesMap ( have built a killer integration that tries to bring back the feel of album liner notes. Our platform enabled Tunesmap, and will let other partners bring grit and depth back to the experience, and make it about more than queueing up the latest recommendation.
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I've been waiting ages for this release. However, everyone else has caught up and the market still doesn't really care about audio quality. So buy in outside of personal use seems low at this point. So it's a wait and see.


It's finally here


It may be too late

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I love how Sonos want to be the Switzerland of speakers. They want to be able to work with every smart assistant and help our listeners enjoy their music and other content more easily!
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