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Hey everyone, I'm really excited to share Sonics with you! There’s a free download of a mini-pack of UI sounds for Product Hunters with no opt in required, though if you do sign up you’ll receive a complete welcome pack too :) The initial idea behind Sonics was to create one large library for developers, animators, or anyone else that needed sounds. However that felt too static and impersonal so a monthly send out allows anyone to build up their own library and, hopefully, experiment and discover with a smaller collection along the way with the ability for adding their own input for future packs too. Ultimately I’d love to see a greater discussion around the use of sound in design and the ways it can be utilised in enhancing experiences. I’d love to hear any questions you have :)
@lexkon I'm subscribed to Sonics since it's beginnings and I must say I'm really impressed by the quality of the sound FX not to mention they are completely free! Thank you for doing this!👌
@xzarexhc I'm so glad to hear this, thanks so much! :)
Haven't used any yet, but they are definitely quality. (Discovered it when @Mengto mentioned Sonics in his iOS resources newsletter.) I wish all apps had unique awesome sounds, especially for push notifications. I get tired of hearing the same one for a bunch of apps. I love that I can recognize apps by their sounds before taking my phone out of my pocket (i.e. Sunrise, Dark Sky).
@thomasmeagher I love what you said about being able to recognise apps by their sounds! There's some great apps that are memorable because of their sound design - Skype is a great example and Facebook is doing great work too.
@lexkon Completely agree. Maybe it doesn't happen often because developers can't find the right sounds! Anyway, I'm going to add some of these in my next app!
@thomasmeagher If you do, be sure to let me know! It'd be great to hear how you've used them :)
@lexkon this seems really great. it could be good if you could also have an archive of previous newsletters though. e.g. i might just want sound effects on demand right now, not only in the future.
@_jacksmith That's definitely an idea I've toyed with and one that's been requested. Initially I wanted to differentiate Sonics from an on-demand site like by making each pack more exclusive. It also plays into not wanting to overload subscribers with too much at once as I'd love to see designers and developers be more attune to sound within their apps or products and not spring for the first thing they find, rather take the time to experiement with sound to find what works best and most appropriately for their needs. That being said - I'm not opposed to making some of the packs available soon :)