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Marcelo Beilin
Marcelo BeilinMaker@marcelo_beilin · Founder, SonicRoad Media, Inc.
Hi Everyone! I'm Marcelo, founder of - and a newbie to the community :) SonicRoad is a music discovery engine for YouTube that transforms the popular video sharing site into a super easy to use music streaming mobile web app where you can discover great music drawing from over 30,000 bands and artists from 130 countries around the world. Unlike music-on-demand apps, where users search for individual artists, albums or songs, SonicRoad is designed to contextually search YouTube to generate playlists with approx. 3 hours of music matching a specific user interest (e.g. working, driving, reading, unwinding, hosting a party, etc.). In the same way that Pinterest is visually organizing the web around categories (and in doing so driving referral traffic to businesses), SonicRoad is musically organizing YouTube around user interests (and in doing so driving ad impressions to the benefit of bands and artists) - a win-win for music fans and musicians! It'd be awesome if you guys could give it a try and let me know what you think :D Thanks everyone for your time!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
this is pretty cool! Would like to see the site optimised for desktop too though :)
Marcelo Beilin
Marcelo BeilinMaker@marcelo_beilin · Founder, SonicRoad Media, Inc.
@bentossell I totally agree, right now it's just a matter of limited resources :( but certainly on the roadmap for future development