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Michael Raven
Michael RavenHunter@micrv · Founder & Managing Director, Blazon PR
Eli Shrira
Eli ShriraMaker@eliforex · Blue tech industries
Hi guys. I am the tech support for SONICable, Any questions? I'll be happy to answer
@eliforex The bold statement "you will charge your device twice as fast" gives my engineering gut some cramps ;) Case 1: If I use an original Apple Lightning cable (or pretty much any MFI certified cable from a legitimate manufacturer) together with the standard 5V/1A Apple wall-plug charger (respective any other quality charger with the same tech specs) it will give me an input charge of 1A. Case 2: If I use the original Apple Lightning cable at a USB 3.0 port of any Mac (hence generation 2013 and newer) it will charge an iPhone even with 2.1A. Hence the ~2800mAh battery of an iPhone 6+ will be fully charged in just about 1.5h with ease, while syncing and backing up the phone via iTunes. It is technically impossible to double that charging current without damaging the charger, unless you found a way to generate energy out of thin air. (In which case you hopefully won't waste your time on a phone charging cable...) The statement that you can charge the phone with double speed might only be true for cheapo-knock-off cables from doubious sources that by default only can reach a charging current of 500mA. But the overall presentation and use of images of Lightning cables makes one assume that you are comparing your product to the Apple ones. In which case your statement won't hold ground. (This is equally true for all original micro-USB cables and chargers for Android phones, let it be Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony or HTC. 5V/1A is the state of the art.) I would love some clarification on that. Don't get me wrong...I'm not criticizing the built-quality or your abilities to build a product like that. I'm just not a fan potentially misleading statements. Looking forward to your reply and can only wish you continued success. Cheers
Eli Shrira
Eli ShriraMaker@eliforex · Blue tech industries
Hi Peter Thank you for the story you wrote on here. SONICable will charge your device at MAX 1A as we wrote and showed in the video and will double your charge from a USB port (pc/car) Please check the video we posted on the updates section, a video is worth any explanation. The switch is simple, it tricks the USB port to think that the your phone is not a phone and cannot sync. So all data transfers is blocked, this translates to faster charge and security. Again... please visit our updates section and check out the video using a USB meter. We will upload more videos this week.