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Hi everyone, excited to be making my second post on Product Hunt! I'm a student from Bournemouth University, and this is what I have made for my graduate project - my final work as a student. It's called Songstack, and it is a Spotify-integrated music discovery app for iOS and the web. Kind of like 'Tinder for music discovery' you could say. The iOS app is written with Swift, the web app was built with React, and both of these work with a server built with Node.js, Express and MongoDB. I've spent a few months working on this and am really proud of how it has turned out - if you check it out, let me know what you think. Any questions, I'm here to answer :) Oh and heads up - Spotify Premium is required, unfortunately. Cheers!
@lawrhol congrats on the launch! This looks great 🎉
@nivo0o0 Thank you! 🙌
@lawrhol I love this, have some initial feedback after using the app for about an hour. I should be able to add 5+ artists to a stack, and edit the artists associated with a stack. Personally the way I would use this is to use IFTTT to save songs to a specific playlist I use for new songs I hear, and that is not feasible with numerous stacks creating numerous playlists. Would be cool if there was an option to have all stacks pointing to one playlist. Lastly, I can't seem to delete stacks. These details aside, I am a huge fan and will be using this app consistently as Discover Weekly is not enough for me. Thanks!!!
@_sklahr_ thanks for the feedback! Regarding adding more than 5 artists / editing them, this would not actually be very useful - these initial artists are only used until you've 'liked' 5 tracks, then your liked tracks inform future recommendations and the artists are disregarded (for now). Adding all likes to a single playlist is an interesting idea, not been requested before. I'll think about that one. Deleting stacks, yes this is not currently possible on the web app - but it should be! Adding this to my todo list, thanks. Cheers again for taking the time to feedback - really glad you're enjoying using it!
@lawrhol Thanks for clarifying Lawrence! Any possibility you'll make a dedicated IPad version?
Beautiful work, and simple enough to hold it's own in the music discovery world ;) Had a dud week on Discover Weekly so this should keep me going for a while! Also, bloody fantastic portfolio of products! Setify is something I do manually before most gigs, and Festival was super accurate, love 'em! Awesome.
@jamie_shoard thanks so much! Let me know how it goes for you! I also have mixed results with Discover Weekly. A feature for Songstack I'm thinking about working on soon is to listen to your Discover Weekly in the 'stack' format. Seems like a nice way to quickly go through the tracks, and of course the ones you like will go into a special 'Discover Picks' playlist.
Awesome! I've always loved the stations Pandora created for me and this brings it to Spotify. I wish giving a song a thumbs up didn't skip it though.
@joshmatz if you don't skip and listen to the whole song it will automatically like it for you! If you're on the web app then go in to the settings to enable this behaviour :)
@lawrhol I saw that! Super cool :)
Congrats, really cool app!
@gertjanwilde thank you very much!
Love it! But please turn off autoplay :-)
@suijkerwerk Thanks for the kind words! If you look in the settings there's an option to do just that :)
@lawrhol I understand. But I was in a meeting. It was quite a surprise ;-)
@suijkerwerk Haha! Apologies - I'll think about preventing autoplay on the initial startup.