SongPop Party

The all-time hit music trivia now for Apple TV

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SongPop has been a massive hit on iOS (over 300 million downloads). Mark Zuckerberg himself publicly declared it was one of the most fun games ever. I have been playing with this game in beta for a few days and i must admit this is one of best coolest game right now on Apple TV. Even Apple has picked up this game to show off the potential of their Apple TV. little update: it is not possible to share a link to download an apple tv app. so you have to search for "songpop" in the Apple TV app store. i wish this was easier....Are you listening Apple?
@ourielohayon A little background information about SongPop Party. When Apple announced the new Apple TV we immediately knew this would be the perfect platform for a music party game. But instead of porting our existing iOS game, we decided to start form scratch so that we could take advantage of the unique features of the new Apple TV. The most important thing for us was to build a game that would be played with family and friends in the same room and at the same time. So we decided against having players over the internet. Even the iOS companion app has minimal design because we wanted players to look at each other and at the TV screen, not on their phone. We view SongPop Party as a communal experience, not a solo experience. We went very fast too. From ideation to launch it took our small team of 4 only 7 weeks! I hope you guys enjoy the game as much as we do :-)
A great game by a great studio, this game should be in every household, well done team!