Create playlists with music that you and your friends love

It's time to stop fighting over the aux cord! With Songmash, invite your friends to a mash and we'll look at everyone's favorite songs to curate a playlist with music everyone will like.
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Hey Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹πŸ» About a year ago, my friend @shroudedcode and I started working on Songmash. We were working on another project before that and although we have since abandoned it, working together made us realize something: we both like listening to music as we work and found ourselves sharing music constantly. One day, Niklas had an idea for an app that would help us stay up to date with the music we were both listening to. We discussed this idea and it evolved into what Songmash is today; an app that creates playlists based on the music tastes of multiple people. Although we initially set out to build and launch Songmash within a week, after some experimentation, we decided to take it further and launch it as a fully-fledged app, continually testing and improving Songmash with help from the members of our Discord server β€” thanks guys! Feel free to ask us anything or leave us some feedback in the comments!
@shroudedcode @dmfj Hey guys! I actually was working this week on a similar product where makers can share and add their playlists to (not launched yet) and we could all get some new songs to jam to while we make our favorite projects come to to chat further about what i had done etc and maybe you can leverage some of it
@shroudedcode @bmweinstein Hey Brendan! Would love to chat about it, send me an email:
Love that you have a concise way to describe your product: β€œan app that creates playlists based on the music tastes of multiple people.” Well done! πŸ™Œ
@mijustin Thanks man! We spent hours in Notion tweaking our copy, glad someone's noticing it!
Love it! My friends and I have been waiting for something like this!
@michelle_zuchowicki That's awesome! Let us know if you or your friends have any suggestions on how to improve the app.
This is absolutely brilliant. Easy to use, instant and extremely useful. Kudos!
Thanks a lot @henrikhelenius!
Love it! I'm using it already. I especially like that it gives a score on how much the songs coincide with our taste. One thing I am wondering however is where it gets its recommendations from. Does it look for our listened songs, or liked, or just created playlists?
@sboeneu Thanks Stephanie! We initially experimented with using liked songs but quickly realized that this only works when all members of a mash are actively using this feature, some only create playlists for example. Now we're using your "top tracks" which are not visible inside of Spotify but can be retrieved using their API. They are kept up to date automatically and have turned out to be pretty accurate for most users.
@shroudedcode Awesome! I was wondering because I don't use liked tracks at all, but it still returned pretty good results for me.