Songlink Bot

Share music with anyone. On Facebook Messenger.

Hey there :) Songlink Bot was built with the same technology that built Songlink, a webapp that makes it easy to share music with everyone, regardless of which music app they use. Songlink Bot brings this delightful music sharing experience to the Facebook Messenger platform. So, instead of having to go to a separate website, you can simply tell Songlink Bot which song you'd like to share and with a few taps you can share it to anyone. Check it out and let me know what you think!
@kweiberth really convenient tool. It isn't very clear that you should actually click 'Listen' if you want to get the link to share somewhere else other than in FB messenger. Maybe make it say 'Listen/Copy Link' instead?
@kweiberth oh yeah, and what about SoundCloud support?
@anodigital I like this idea a lot. I have started to notice that it is fairly difficult to share outside the fb Messenger platform, and I've not made an easy flow for copying it to the clipboard
@anodigital It's on the map, but there's still core features that I need to build out and don't need more integrations at the moment. But SoundCloud + handling YouTube as an input are definitely on the map.
Just discovered songlink, really cool. What smart url made you do manually now works automagicly ! Is there an api?
@drawby I haven't yet tested internationalization, but it does seem to be a much more streamlined process than smart url. We haven't opened up an API yet, but may in the near future. I will definitely post something here if we open it up.