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Gordon Wintrob@gwintrob · Engineer at LinkedIn, MIT and YC alum
Interesting. Reminds me of
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@gwintrob Yes, in some aspects very similar to some of the features of Too bad is not around anymore :(
Andrew Mager ♫@mager · Moving people with code at Postmates.
Great work. When is someone going to build the social place you go to see what your friends are listening to? If was still around today kind of thing. Facebook's Music Graph API needs to open up too...
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@mager A social space would be awesome. It was originally in the cards for Songlink, but we decided to focus on the link making/sharing and decided it would be best if it was immediately useable without having to create an account or sign in. However, we may eventually add this feature on top of the core functionality. Stay tuned :)
MANU MI@manumish · Senior Software Engineer
Great work guys. This is awesome. Bitch better have my money Few suggestions that I would really love it to have. 1. Have 30 second song preview upon pressing the link. 2. Can you guys get a referral fee from Spotify/others, if somebody is joining the account?
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@manumish 30 second preview is a good idea, we will look into it. It is definitely possible to get itunes referral fees. Not sure about any of the other services. We are definitely looking into monetization strategies but it's not high on the priority list.
David Crompton@david_crompton · Artist & Designer
There's a number of services tackling this challenge and Song Link appears to be the most successful at the moment. I used for a while but it had difficulties when you had a track that involved multiple artists – Song Link seems to manage these cases much better.
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@david_crompton Thanks, David. Finding matches across music services is non-trivial and definitely one of the tougher technical challenges on this project. Always can be improved but for the most part it performs pretty well.
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@david_crompton just wanted to reach out and let you know that I built a facebook messenger integration on top of Songlink and it's a fast, more mobile-friendly way to use Songlink:
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Kurt WeiberthMaker@kweiberth · Chief Architect, Songlink
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, I wanted to thank you for hunting Songlink over a year ago! After a quiet period followed, more recently, by lots of hard work, I've re-imagined and re-architected Songlink and you can find out more on our repost: