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Mohammad Azib
Mohammad AzibMaker@maz1b · Founder at @RADCIRCLE & @ThisIsSongfari
Hey all! : ) One of the co-founders of Songfari here. We built Songfari because we’re really passionate about music discovery, and we believe deeply that there’s all kinds of music for all kinds of people. We have quite a few years of experience from our other music project called Radcircle, and we bring that plus so much more with this new community, Songfari. Creating an account is fast, free and easy! Save tracks, make playlists, browse by tags, leave comments and influence what songs make it to the top. We’re adding features all the time, and an awesome iOS app is in the works and will be ready soon. I’d love to chat or answer any questions that anyone may have! Cheers :)
Ayman Abdullah
Ayman Abdullah@brokerchange · AppSumo
@maz1b awesome app. Saved!
GavinMaker@gavindinubilo · I write code
Hey everybody! I'm the other co-founder of Songfari, just want to say it's awesome to be featured on Product Hunt today, and I look forward to what you all have to say about Songfari. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks because we have some great new features and an iOS app in development. It's gonna be rad. I'll be here all day to answer any and all questions that you have!
Mubashar Iqbal
Mubashar IqbalHunterPro@mubashariqbal · I design, I develop, I make.
From the makers of Radcircle ( Songfari is an online community that helps all kinds of people discover all kinds of music.
Mohammad Azib
Mohammad AzibMaker@maz1b · Founder at @RADCIRCLE & @ThisIsSongfari
@mubashariqbal Thanks for featuring us, Mubashar! :)
David Diamond
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
Love Songfari, signed up yesterday and it was love at first sight, I've been aching for Product Hunt to add a section like this and Gavin and Mohammad answered my prayers, rock on guys 🙌
Mohammad Azib
Mohammad AzibMaker@maz1b · Founder at @RADCIRCLE & @ThisIsSongfari
@david_diam Thanks a lot David! ;-)
Shannon Byrne
Shannon Byrne@shannnonb · Created Content Strategist
Product Hunt for music. Gotta love the simplicity! I especially appreciate the ability to listen to the songs directly on the platform without having to click through!
Mohammad Azib
Mohammad AzibMaker@maz1b · Founder at @RADCIRCLE & @ThisIsSongfari
@shannnonb Thanks for all your kind words and support, Shannon! Great that we're related, product wise : )