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How about 3 free shots before paying 10,99?
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@jansseneilert We hear you Eilert but you are missing a very serious and sad point which I keep seeing in this community unwillingness to support indie founders, especially minority founders who are having a hard time raising vc funding. I am funding all of this for the past 3 years out of pocket. We will eventually need millions for songbird to actually scale this for the entire globe. Bird watchers which are around over 70 million in just the us spend thousands a year they add over $50 billion to our economy they don't complain about the pricing here so you might not be the target audience for them this is a discount. Is this our final revenue model? Of course not we are still testing and scaling, eventually at scale we want to go free with in app purchases. But that won't happen until we have funding to actually turn this into a business, either from vcs or from revenue. Making an app free doesn't support myself or my team guys. I also do not believe in traditional advertising to spam my users inside the apps so we 100% upfront charge premiums for our shit and run it like a real business that sells value.
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@nicholassheriff Hey Nicholas, just for the sakes of it – I've payed 10,99. Your application wasn't able to identify a sparrow out of 4 meters distance in my backyard. I've tried several times. Always the message that I should try again. If you want to scale this globally it should work, I guess.
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@nicholassheriff I don't think that he's saying he doesn't want to support a dev. I think that he's saying he wants to test if it actually works or not
@jansseneilert Eilert was it in the middle of a song, any other birds present? How long was the recording...can you email me info@sheriffv.com Checkmark of what our system currently struggles with ( added this to the app description ) and we will present thing to users upon launching for the onboarding soon. If you can't identify a bird, you might have one or many of these issues that need to be addressed: If you are too far from the bird it will not work. If you use a recording of a bird with all sorts of quality issues from youtube it will not work. If there are multiple birds singing it currently will probably not work but we are working on this. If you are a little too late to a song it will probably not work, or you might have to keep trying to capture other parts of it's song again. If the background is far too noisy it will probably not work. We currently also only identify the top 100 common birds our goal is to make the recognition and database more comprehensive, right now and extend it to 1,000 bird species with the hope of doing 10,000 within the next 6 months. House sparrows are in there but we might not be able to ID all of the sparrow songs. Marking it down to do additional testing.
@nicholassheriff this discussion among PH users is going about as well as the one we had one Twitter. I think the lesson to learn here is to be open to criticism. The response to the price, the lack of a video or other proof that it works are all valid feedback. There's also the question of it just flat out being a scam. There needs to be a level of humility that comes with product development. It's all about asking your users what they want. Build the right features for the right people at the right price.
This is definitely SO cool! wish there was a lite version for me to try it out 2-3 times to see how good it can hear birds maybe 100 yards away to my iPhone before I buy it for $10
I love this idea... does it work?
@brendanbeirne Based on the comments, it seems the answer to this is "kind of"
@wfb can't wait to try it out. I'm muy intrigued 🦉🦆🦅🐔
My mom will love this.