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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2019

Song Peel lets you create separate acapella and instrumental tracks with our vocal remover service.

  • Catfancier
    Catfanciernobody special

    state of the art vocal removal sevice


    not as effective as Phonicmind prices per song are high No preview feature Production time is too long

    This site strives to create songs minus the lead vocal for a fee. I decided to test it with a song that had heavy reverb. It took 24 hours for them to produce this. The results were not as hoped. There was still reverb that could be heard in the background. I then tried the same song with Phonicmind and the results were better, less reverb could be heard and the turnaround time was much quicker. The price for the song was also cheaper ($4 compared to $5)

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  • Pros:Β 

    Great service :) The results are most impressive!


    The only slight con I can say is this: There are no lossless downloads available. They give mp3s for now

    I've used many things which do this stuff for many years now (both free and commercial) and I like this one the most :)

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5$ a song is quite spendy to be honest.
@stars7up That is just the starting price, in the future, we may adjust our pricing model. If you buy the other bundles, the price per song drops. Thanks for your feedback. πŸ˜ƒ
@stars7up @brentobox I think you should give users the chance to test it before purchasing. I'm not spending 5 dollars on something where I don't know how it works.
@stars7up @brentobox @phimema I second this. I have all of my info filled out and was ready to hit submit but it's really not worth $5 just to see if it works.
@stars7up @phimema @dillon1337 You guys are more than right and I couldn't agree more, a built-in "free trial" mechanism is definitely needed. However, to our defense we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Moreover, we do encourage taking advantage of the refund policy to try out our service for free. Thanks for the feedback, fellas!
Now i can be a bathroom rap king
@kristen_rayford Lol - yup, make Song Peel your own πŸ˜‰
I can think of a lot of Rush songs I’d like to use this on
@rmagrino Haha give it a try, we love rush!!
Hello and happy new year everyone! Thank you for checking out Song Peel. In case you haven't seen our website already, Song Peel is an online vocal remover service. Earlier in 2018, a few audio geeks and I noticed that a lot of karaoke enthusiasts didn't have access to the instrumental versions of their favorite songs, therefore in aim to fill a need, Song Peel was born. We quickly realized that Song Peel not only helps karaoke professionals, but also musicians, DJs, and even video production artists. The service is simple - you send us your song and in 24 hours or less, we will send back separate vocal and instrumental tracks of that song! The results are achieved by applying our in-house proprietary vocal remover method optimized to yield the highest quality fidelity possible. Our web service is only the beginning of Song Peel. We plan to create mobile apps, expand the features of our website to include fully automated tools for vocal removal, an online radio channel, and so much more! If you have any questions or feedback, please post a comment and I'll be happy to reply back to you. I'm looking forward to the road ahead. :)
Oh this could be cool for building remixes!
@aaronoleary We couldn't agree more, Aaron πŸ˜„