Song Note

Save your song ideas with ease on Android

Song Note is an Android app built to save your song ideas.

It features a tablature editor for guitar and bass, an audio recorder and a few ways to organize your ideas, like adding a name, labels, description, and favorites.

This project is still young, so I would really appreciate your feedback :)

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Thanks for hunting @brunocalou, you mentioned the project is still young - when did you start working on it and why? 🎡
Hello @abadesi, thanks for commenting 😁 Actually, I had this idea in 2016. I've done some sketches on paper and started making a prototype in May. Funny thing, this project was going to be a website, but things were not working out the way I expected and I was worried about the performance, so I started over. This time, I made several versions of the UI in Photoshop until I was happy with it. Then, in September 2016, I started coding it on Android. I didn't know Android very much, so I had to learn a lot of things in the process. Unfortunately, I was very busy and could not give the project the attention it needed. I stopped working on it for a while, but I wanted to finish it someday. Well, as I'm still a graduate student, I have to make a project in order to graduate. So I decided to use Song Note to achieve this. I would release my app and graduate using it, perfect πŸ‘Œ. In August 2018 I started working on the project again, but this time I would finish what I started (like Kylo Ren). Fast forward a few months and here we are. I released the app, I'm going to graduate next month and now I'm fixing the bugs and trying to market it
@brunocalou love the Kylo Ren reference 🀩
Fantastic! I've been loking for such app for months!
@jimmorrison7 Thanks, hope you like it 😁
Great job!! 😊
Thanks 😊