Song Exploder: Weezer

Rivers Cuomo explains his process for creating a hit song

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This was my first time coming across @hrishihirway's Song Exploder podcast and I instantly fell in love. Each episode blends an interview with the artist, clips of the song being discussed, and even recordings of early versions of the song kept by artists. After binge-listening to a ton of episodes last night I was surprised to learn how meticulous and systematic many artists are at collecting and cataloging little bits inspiration, mutating existing song components and mashing it all together to make their hits. @riverscuomo takes this to an extreme -- compiling a spreadsheet of interesting phrases, each tagged by # syllables, strong/weak-ness of the first syllable, etc. Super interesting. Makes me wonder if there's a tool/product that might be devised to support this process. In any event, off to listen to more episodes!