AI based platform to help people communicate effectively

Sonero is an AI based enterprise platform designed to help people become effective and engaging speakers. It uses cutting-edge speech and facial recognition machine learning models to give instant feedback and recommendations on how to communicate better.
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Hi everyone, I hope you're intrigued enough to give Sonero a try. I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you!
Awesome! Helped me realize I need to have more energy when doing presentations. Also, hopefully look less sad lol
@rebe1one Haha thanks for the feedback Andrei!
Love this technology. I'm an English learner, it should be adapted for people like me also. It may help to improve language skills :)
@shun_yamada Thank you for your comment! Using this for language skill improvement is also something I'm looking at :)
Hi! It really looks good! Did you think to use Speech Recognition for online communication?
@stan_starykh Hi thank you! What kind of online communication are you referring to? Like a video call?
Sonero is easy to use, and the report is simple yet covers a broad range of things. Really impressive product!