A collection of stories written by anyone & everyone

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Sondry is an interesting take on the crowded media/stories space. It features stories, and sometimes in episodic format, by anonymous writers. The result sort of feels like a blend of Secret and Thought Catalog. Interesting to see where this goes.
Maybe we can get @samuelorson to give us some backstory... Samuel, where did the idea of this come from? Were you guys users of other story-based sites before building Sondry?
@alirtariq Of course, thanks for the submit! A few years ago, the guy I co-founded Sondry with went off the "social media grid" so to speak, deleting his Facebook, Twitter, etc. The result - he started having more conversations with strangers, rather than looking at his phone. People would often tell him a story and finish it with, "I've never told that to anyone before." He came to me to try and bring that interaction to the internet and Sondry was born. Sondry is the first story-based site that we've been users of.
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