Send up to 3gb for free to anyone, at anytime.

Need to send something to someone? (I know, vague right). Send up to 3gb for free to anyone at anytime, as many times as you like. Just upload your files, tell us who to send it to and we'll shoot them through a link. It's pretty simple.
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So this just WeTransfer with one extra GB, I'll take it!
@anish_kshatriya Hi Anish! Not going to lie, every file transfer service after WeTransfer is just WeTransfer. But hey, it has our logo on it? Oh and you don't have to pay ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hi everyone! Here's a back story on why we built sondd. We run a web design agency in Australia and one day found ourselves needing to send quite a large set of files to a client. We jumped onto our computers and went straight to wetransfer, who doesn't. Then we realized that what we needed to send was greater than the free version allowed us. Now, instead of doing what any normal human being would have done and signed up for a paid plan, we decided it was a better idea to just create our own file transfer app from the ground up. So there you have it. We created sondd because we needed to send some stuff and we're cheap, but everyone's cheap, don't judge us. We made sondd free, with no paid accounts and the only limit is each transfer can be a max of 3gb in total. Have more, split the transfer into two lots. Join us in being cheap. Use sondd :)
OMG! I love this
@sarahthemarketer Thanks Sarah! :)
Nice product! You should check the website, there's no background displayed due to an iframe error.
@marshallino16 Thanks Anthony! Whoops! We've been having some issues with our dynamic background. Should be all sorted now. Thanks for the headsup :)
I don't see any privacy policy. It appears that our files go to their server, get passed on, and then what?
@new_user_1873203600 Hi Jack! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've added our Terms of Service to the homepage. When you create a sondd transfer, your files are stored on our servers for 7 days, to be downloaded as many times by your receiver (or anyone with the link) and then are wiped from existence. We're looking at adding password protection in the next few days as well. :)
@new_user_1873203600 @keedan_punch2 is there any encryption layer for data transferred
@new_user_1873203600 @pankaj_wandhare Hi Pankaj, when you upload your files to sondd they are stored on our AWS storage bucket (which can only be accessed via the transfer link) and then delete after 7 days :)