Sonar 2.0

2-way chat with your customers over SMS and FB Messenger

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Adam Lee@oilcanguitar · CEO, Bohemian Guitars
We use Sonar at Bohemian Guitars and couldn't be happier. We're able to provide more tailored customer service which is converting into more sales and a more enjoyable purchasing experience for our buyers. eCommerce companies are missing out on $$$ if they don't have mobile messaging as a core component of their acquisition strategy. Sonar is the perfect platform to implement and execute.
Matthew BermanMakerHiring@matthewberman · CEO, Sonar (
@oilcanguitar Thanks for the kind words, Adam!
Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
Sonar's new version is a huge upgrade in terms of efficiency and usability. Mobile messaging platforms are still an untapped channel for many companies to communicate with their customers and Sonar is the best tool to make it happen.
Matthew BermanMakerHiring@matthewberman · CEO, Sonar (
@hnshah Thanks for posting this, Hiten!
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch, @matthewberman! What were some of the key learnings from launch of Sonar 1.0?
Matthew BermanMakerHiring@matthewberman · CEO, Sonar (
@eriktorenberg Speed is critical. Mobile customers expect fast responses and the biggest limiting factor for how quickly our companies can respond was how fast our product loaded. Now, it's super fast. Also, just generally how quickly companies can navigate our product. This has been updated to be faster as well. Thanks!
Matthew BermanMakerHiring@matthewberman · CEO, Sonar (
Thanks for hunting @hnshah! Hey PHers! This is Matt, CEO @ Sonar. We're launching Sonar 2.0 after lots of hard work from our engineering team. Sonar 2.0 is a front end overhaul (both design and code) meant to make responding to and sending mobile messages to customers super fast and easy. We're looking for any feedback or if you want to chat about the technical bits (we built it using ReactJS), we're happy to discuss. Thanks!
Chase Miller@psuchase · InfoSec Student, CMU
Sonar is pretty great! Quick question- is it possible to attach an existing Twilio number rather than one assigned to us by Sonar?
Matthew BermanMakerHiring@matthewberman · CEO, Sonar (
@psuchase Hey Chase - sure, we can do that. It's not advertised on our site but if you contact us directly we can make it happen.