Drag-and-drop editor to build database forms, no programming



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Adam Jackiw — Sonadier, Inc.
Hello! The site lets you build custom sets of database-connected forms, and we handle the infrastructure automatically. We create the database, provide hosting, user accounts, and permissions control. If anyone's familiar with Microsoft Access, it's like a lot that except you can use it on more than one local computer.

I can answer any questions about the site here. Cheers!
Raul Riera — I make things
@adamjackiw Tried it out for a while and it looks amazing, do you guys have plans for an API to consume and populate the "database"?
Adam Jackiw — Sonadier, Inc.
@raulriera Absolutely, we're working on RESTful access and creation of records.
Michael Sitver — Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@adamjackiw I absolutely love this. Mediocre programmers such as myself always struggle with DBs. Kudos on the elegant solution.
Adam Jackiw — Sonadier, Inc.
@msitver Glad we could help, and thank you! Don't sell yourself short though!
Lasse Lumiaho — Growth Hacker, #WebRTC
Is Sonadier in any way similar to Airtable?
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