Drag-and-drop editor to build database forms, no programming

#1 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2015
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Hello! The site lets you build custom sets of database-connected forms, and we handle the infrastructure automatically. We create the database, provide hosting, user accounts, and permissions control. If anyone's familiar with Microsoft Access, it's like a lot that except you can use it on more than one local computer. I can answer any questions about the site here. Cheers!
@adamjackiw Tried it out for a while and it looks amazing, do you guys have plans for an API to consume and populate the "database"?
@raulriera Absolutely, we're working on RESTful access and creation of records.
@adamjackiw I absolutely love this. Mediocre programmers such as myself always struggle with DBs. Kudos on the elegant solution.
@msitver Glad we could help, and thank you! Don't sell yourself short though!
Is Sonadier in any way similar to Airtable?
Finally... Searched so long for an easy to build customized online-database. Great!
@elkefleing Thank you very much! Let me know if I can help with anything
Hello @adamjackiw, I like it, I was using something really similar in 2006 (I think was Dabble DB but not sure). Some suggestions to make this pretty amazing ;) 1 - REST API - an api to access this data from any source, imagine how much could you make from APP developers that do not want backend development... 2- Templates, preconfigured tables/DB templates, for example the typical user, roles tables that later the customer can modify of course 3- Easy way to fill dummy data 4- Staging / production environment, for devels to test 5- Embed form is cool but without JS validation a bit annoying to go to the server to get a simple message as empty field. I know its different from what you are doing, but going that path will reach a lot of frontend/games/apps developers ;) Good luck!
I was always looking for something like that and ended up building weird forms of parse. Good job, it really looks great!