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Share music with your team in Slack

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No reviews yet is a music sharing web app which lets you share music with peers no matter which streaming service they use. Share a link with peers and they'll be able to listen to the track on Apple Music, Rdio, MixRadio, Spotify, Band Camp as they wish. No longer do you need to share YouTube links, does the heavy lifting for you. And with the tutorial mentioned above you can integrate in your Slack Team so that sharing music is just a Slash Command away.
@marcperel Also make the automatic integration possible with Hubot and my team will be blessed.
@ivabz I'll check it out Vai, thanks
I appreciate each one of the up votes and signups we got via this post, it's a reaction I really did not expect! Thanks to the fantastic new Add to Slack button we've managed to simplify this process to just a few clicks which you can read about here: