A tiny FIDO2 security key for 2FA and passwordless login.

Somu is a tiny, open source, FIDO2 security key you can use with your Google, Twitter, and GitHub accounts for two-factor authentication, or your Microsoft account for passwordless login. Somu fits in your USB port, so you’ll never forget your key again.
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I launched the Solo authenticator last year and Somu is a new form factor with it. We'll be using the funds we get from Somu orders to add OpenPGP functionality to all Somus and Solos as well -- so the keys can be used for SSH, GPG, code signing, etc. I'm super excited to add Somu to our security key portfolio, and I really like the design of it. I hope you like it too! All of our products are completely open source. We offer the only open source FIDO2 authenticators. Want to see what else is on our road map? Check our latest blog post on