Derived from “Social Mobility,” SoMo is a first-of-its-kind, free, mobility app that gives riders the freedom to choose how to move from point A to B. SoMo provides a single-app experience, amongst different transportation options, allowing users to book and plan a ride alone or with people in their social circles.

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Hi Hunters, Our team at HERE Mobility, with a mission to improve the way people get around, has launched a first of its kind social mobility app called SoMo (from Social Mobility). SoMo merges mobility with sociability in a way that is simple, hassle free and good for the planet. SoMo gives users the freedom of choice to plan share and ride with friends, family, co-workers, other kids’ parents or anyone else within their social circle. Users can choose who they ride with and how. Whether its ridesharing or booking a ride through our Mobility Marketplace, and through our open smart mobility marketplace that offers all transportation options in real-time. This includes taxis, private hires, public transport, bike sharing, scooter sharing and more. Lastly, users can create and access both private and public Gatherings. Think of any one-time event such as a concert, a wedding, a night out with friends or reoccurring events such as your daily commute to work. Whatever your schedule may be, SoMo is here to make mobility simple and social. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do. Happy to answer all questions below. Thank you, Ben Lang, for hunting us and thanks Product Hunters! Anat On behalf of our amazing team @HEREMobility
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My 12 y.o. was SUPER excited about this app. And going to tell her friends about it. Which means that me and other moms are going to use it a lot .
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Really like the idea of being able to decide your own route!
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One of those things where you say “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? “ Great App, great concept and a great solution. I’m hooked.
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@gabby_levine I felt the same way! Can't wait to use it =)
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Awesome app !
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