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#4 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2018

Somiibo is a premium Social Media Bot and growth service. You no longer need to waste your time marketing on social media. Somiibo is your personal social media assistant that follows, likes, reposts, and comments on content for you!

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav SharmaEntrepreneur

    Ample features provided under one platform



    This app is awesome. It provides various essential bots that make our life easier :)

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    Don't buy this this download is shit and the bot is broke. I reported this so call company/product to BBB.

    The software glitches a lot I just recently bought this in nothing works I asked them to refund me in they are ignoring my message.

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Their twitter account is suspended! Something's fishy?
@ranjithkumar10 LMAO Even if it was not suspended, Any type of bot that games the system are not good for the users or accounts.
Thanks for sharing, @ian_wiedenman :) What features do you have that makes you different from other marketing tools and what features are you planning on adding soon?
@amrith We essentially put all the tools you need in one place and help you build an organic following!
Can you maybe give a full breakdown of what you automate? There are a lot of these products but I don’t think they all work very well (except Buffer). Would love to try this
@prokotasic Somiibo automates interaction with other users for the purpose of gaining an organic following. It's useful for artists, for example, because they are able to focus more on creating content than promoting it. Hope you get a chance to try it!
Looks like a great idea @ian_wiedenman! Will definitely have a further look!!!
Great job!! Could you walk us through it? What all cool stuff you are giving to the users
@ayush_chandra Yeah it's pretty easy to set up! Just select a module (you can run as many as you want) and set up your preferences :)