Track recurring tasks in your life with ease ✨

Sometime lets you easily track and complete recurring tasks in your daily life. See upcoming task at a glance, get gentle reminders, and visualize time between completions.
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Hi all, @jimmychaohc and I are excited to launch our first product here and on the App Store. Sometime is a simple iOS app that lets you track and complete recurring tasks in your daily life. It's for those who want an easy way to be on top of lifestyle and household tasks like getting a haircut, watering the plant, and taking medicines. We made this because we believe these kinds of tasks should exist in a focused place apart from the multi-context clutter of standard todo apps. Key Features 👀 See at a glance your task reminders for Today and in the Future. 📊 Visualize task completions through informative history charts. ⏳ Set auto reminders that occur after completions, daily or weekly. ⚡️ Set a quick reminder for tasks at a specific date and time. Let us know what you think 🙂
@jimmychaohc @charliecm agreed. congrats on the release. nice icon design!
It looks great, @charliecm. Two questions: 1) There are a lot of habit-building apps out there. Why would someone choose yours? 2) It's a free app. How do you intend to make money with it?
@charliecm @ghedin 3) Any plans for an Android version.?
Thanks, @ghedin! 1) Sometime is designed to inform you of recurring tasks to be done rather than actively motivate you to reach your goals. While it can help you form habits, we wanted the app to feel lightweight and not pressure you to complete things. Thus, the app is ideal for anyone who wants to track lifestyle and household tasks without feeling burdened by goal-oriented metrics and streaks. 2) We plan to introduce in-app purchases for more advanced features down the road. 3) @noureddine_hamaidi We’re considering Android in the future. But, for now, we’re focused on the iOS experience.
@ghedin @noureddine_hamaidi @charliecm I'd love an Android version of this (with dark mode too)! Hope you'll make it!
@ghedin For me answer to your first question is design and overall flow of the app. I tried many to-do and task tracking apps but it felt rather like a chore to use them. This one on the other hand is somewhat inviting and fun to use due to it’s simplicity and nice design.
@charliecm Great app. I love it. There is only one bug I noticed. When deleting tasks you have to manually refresh for it to disappear.
@marek_poul Thanks! We'll look into the issue. Are you removing via swipe? And, are you logged in?
Looks like you really need to change your bedsheets!