Photo sharing app for sharing experiences, not Selfies.

Alternative tagline: "The app for people that really hate selfies"
@rrhoover Am I able to edit the tagline to this?
@tomcoomer we don't have a way on the site to do so but I can update for you if you want to share here. :)
Haha @tomcoomer love that it checks for faces! Does it prevent access to the front-facing camera? It should ;)
@bentossell It doesn't prevent people from using the front-facing camera at the moment but it's definitely something that I'll be looking in to adding.
Version 1.4 is now available with a number of performance and stability improvements.
What is the reason not sharing selfie? I just wonder why haha..
@status_200_ok I am hoping to encourage people to share their experiences as they explore the world around them.
Version 1.5 is now available from the App Store.