Something Good

A realtime reading list powered by your Twitter stream

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Have been many twists on this concept but this one lets you teach it what you like by swiping left/ right. Good physics on the animation too...
I built this with @kidcapricious because we found we were spending more time adding articles to apps like Instapaper and Pocket than actually reading them! "Something" pulls in and stores the best articles people you follow on Twitter are sharing and lets you quickly read something good, or skim through until you find something interesting. During our beta, feedback was consistently that users were reading (and enjoying) articles they wouldn't normally have read.
@edlea And, living with the app for some time, we've come to really enjoy the ephemeral nature of it. You're conscious that once you swipe away an article - it's gone; if you want to do read it, you'll need to do it now! You can still favourite the tweets/articles on twitter in-app. Shake to undo a swipe.
I have posted this product about 8 days ago.Check this out:
I really like the concept and the UI too. I'll play with it today :-)
What a great app! Saves me time collecting links and saving to Instapaper and has been a boredom lifesaver on the Tube more than once.