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joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
letterboxd (or IMDb) integration would turn this from good to great. i'm gonna stick around regardless though, as i like the concept a lot
Ossi JalonenMaker@somefilm ·
@thewrongjoshua thanks for nice feedback! it's early days, and actively trying to come up with new ways to make SoMeFilm more user friendly and useful!
Ossi JalonenMaker@somefilm ·
I thought a lot of us often struggle in finding films and TV to watch - we can't trust our friends, when their taste is different from ours, and imdb and other ratings are often badly skewed. So, I came up with SoMeFilm. The idea behind SoMeFilm was to come up with reliable film and TV recommendations for everyone that is not based on the ratings, as, like I said, the ratings are not always that reliable. What I came up with was a system that recommends films and tV series based on other user's ratings if their taste matches or does not match with yours. So a social media type of recommendations. SoMeFilm still needs a lot of work, and most of all, users, so that the ratings will actually become reliable (not sure I can yet claim they're reliable, although I find recommendations offered to me quite good). With more data, we can optimise performance as well as the results that we offer.
Ben Styles@benstyles · Lead front-end developer, @MealsUpApp
Looks promising, unfortunately immediately after signing up with fb I get an SQL error: "Column 'name' cannot be null (SQL insert into users (facebook_id, email, name etc.
Ossi JalonenMaker@somefilm ·
@benstyles thanks for letting me know. will have a look, can't have that can we! Please give it another go, if for no other reason then at least to help me fix it!
Ben Styles@benstyles · Lead front-end developer, @MealsUpApp
@somefilm it's working now 👍