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There are too many players in this market I guess πŸ˜€ like Carrd and few more I think!! So @_maxdeutsch how do you stand from others ? 😊 Awww Product Hunt Mentions I'm β™₯️ it now
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@rahulmfg This is certainly a crowded market, but we still feel like there is room... One of the hardest parts of building a website with one of these tools is the choice paralysis. First, you need to figure out which tool to use (certainly building another tool doesn't exactly help with this). But then, you need to choose how you use that tool: which template, which font, which colors, which layout, etc. Because the products in this space want to stand out from each other, they are constantly in pursuit of adding more templates, more integrations, more stuff... With Somebody, we want to do the opposite: Offer less stuff. We believe that constraints for a product like this are a massive help to the user... I've written more about this here: Ultimately, we've built what we believe is the best product that gets users to a published site as soon as possible.
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@_maxdeutsch @rahulmfg @maxdeutsch you are right, there is more room. I would like to speak to you about it. I created,
@m4murice @rahulmfg @maxdeutsch send me an email with your idea/pitch. I'd love to hear. You can find my email on my Somebody site :)
@_maxdeutsch @maxdeutsch Nice okay 😊 πŸ‘
@_maxdeutsch @rahulmfg @maxdeutsch Thanks. i will send you a message shortly
After building my own personal website (, and getting a lot of requests from my friends to make them something similar, we built to make it super easy for anyone to build a beautiful personal website in a few minutes. Here's the full story: Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for good app! Max Deutsch is support custom HTML&JS code? It would be great to support embed widgets, such as
@widgetpack Hey Daniil, this is a cool idea! That being said...Every new feature challenges our model of being "the simplest" website builder, so we need to be thoughtful about every addition. (We will look into this though)
Challenge accepted 😎
@gabriel__lewis Hopefully, it's not a challenge at all :)
Awesome job! Sometimes all you need is just a simple website, nothing too crowded & highlights your passions. Can you map your own domain to the sub domain? Also can you update the colours, layout etc?
@gadgick Thanks, Nick! Right now, we are keeping it really simple - so the colors and layout are fixed (we actually think this makes for a better least at this stage). As far as custom domains, this is currently a possibility, but will require you to upgrade to Somebody Pro (for ~$4/mo, which we think is a pretty competitive price). Mostly, this is how we plan to subsidize hosting fees.
@_maxdeutsch Ok thanks! What do you get with Pro? Would be good to maybe include that on the site e.g. free vs pro. Also would recommend using SSL particularly the login/sign up.
@gadgick right now, Pro only features the ability to connect a custom domain name. So either you connect a domain you currently own or you can get a new one (the Pro subscription comes with one free domain name). We don't show free vs pro on the homepage because we are trying to reduce choice paralysis upfront as much as possible - we want you to first completely focus on building a great site, and then you can figure out what domain name you'd like. SSL is a good suggestion... Thanks
@_maxdeutsch Thanks Max, thinking about the free vs pro on the site is a good move. I'd still love to be able to customise it, particularly colour scheme... Adobe Portfolio does this w/ the CC subscription. Please add SSL... I work for a security company & it pains me when I don't see websites encrypt auth (in fact anything nowadays) data!