AI image filters with 1 line of code & train your own filter

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Thank you for hunting us @jedbreed. Hi everyone! Jason here. Founder of Somatic. We would love to get your feedback on Somatic. Our mission is to make AI image processing easy for developers and artists who love the technology but don't have the time or expertise to implement it from scratch. To make this possible we built out an easy UI for artists, and one line implementation for developers. Additionally, we make it possible for users to easily train their own styles. Would love to get your feedback -- any style of filters you would like to see? Sign up via ProductHunt and you’ll get 50% off for the next year. We have also removed the image limit on the free account for the time being. Thanks for everything! Jason
@jtoy @jedbreed Thanks for sharing this! It is great to see how it has progressed!
Amazing how do I get access to the API?
@dan_cheung the demo page should show you how to do the integration. you can sign up for a paid account on the site and you should get an api key. alternatively you can sign up for a free account and shoot me a private message and we'll give you limited api access to test it out on the free account. generally api access is just on the developer accounts, but we'll call it a PH special :)
Hej! Cool project. Could you provide more information about maximum resolution?
@hellorocketman currently we support 1200 by 1200 pixels, its constrained by our GPUs. we will be releasing a much higher resolution version very soon.
Super fast and easy way to utilize AI image processing. I love the simple web based UI to process my photos in seconds.
Looks pretty nice. How do you imagine the business model charging for this when people can get it for free with loads of other apps? I'm just wondering how a dev will make money providing this service (to pay you some money too). The toughest part of development these days is everything is becoming free. I'm speaking as a shareware developer.
@benedictslaney I think our app customers are devs with a product where they want to keep users in their ecosystem both to retain them and to provide a more seamless users experience. A few cases where I think its compelling, for example (1) you have a photo focused app that is making money and you want to extend customer life and engagement to increase impressions in an ad driven model (2) if you're looking for an additional revenue opportunity and already have strong engagement, you can tie these features to an in app filter package purchase (or another possible rev stream) thanks for the question! feel free to ask more or follow up directly.