Soma Pitcher

Fresh filtered water, family style

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Love the woodgrain handle. Soma creates beautiful products.
Since we started Soma in 2012, we always wanted to do a product that featured a sustainable wooden handle. We spent 18 months on the development of the Soma Pitcher. For a year we researched and tested different woods from various vendors. We landed on a White Oak because it's a beautiful wood that is very durable. The wood is sourced here in the United States and the finished product is made just outside of San Francisco. For more on our product development, I wrote a full blog post here:
I own and love the original carafe. My one complaint was that it didn't hold enough water for larger events. Can't wait to get the new pitcher--holds 10 cups (80oz)--and looks beautiful. Would love to hear from @mikedelponte about the design process and future plans.
Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! I'm glad you love our latest creation.
thanks @mikedelponte -- so what else is on the product roadmap that isn't too top secret :)