Soma Glass Water Bottle

A high quality glass bottle w/ a grippable protective sleeve

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#4 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2016
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Mike Del Ponte
Mike Del PonteMaker@mikedelponte · CEO, Soma
Hey Product Hunters! As the maker of the new Soma Glass Water Bottle, I wanted to chime in about why and how we designed this collection of bottles. 3 years ago we launched Soma as an online subscription business selling beautifully designed water filters that also support charitable water projects globally. We've launched other products in the filtration space, but this is the first time we've ventured into a new category of hydration. The #1 product request has always been for a water bottle. We chose glass for the purest taste (no metal or plastic taste), and we kept the design as simple as possible. The bottle holds 17oz. of water, fits in a cup holder, is very durable, and has a bamboo cap.
Ethan  ✏
Ethan ✏@buzzb0x · Co-founder @ Gaston
@mikedelponte Thanks, I've been looking for a great glass bottle for a long time, thought no one would make one.
Zach Herbert
Zach Herbert@zachherbert · Sia/Obelisk VP of Ops
@mikedelponte looks beautiful! What is the weight?
Di Falafel
Di Falafel@unforbiddenyet · Creative Technologist.Write Sci-Fi novel
@buzzb0x @mikedelponte me neither. Looks like we've just found it!
d a n n y
d a n n y@searchresults
@mikedelponte Is the cap 100% bamboo? Does the bamboo itself have the threads, or, is it a threaded plastic insert surrounded by bamboo?
Matt Galligan
Matt GalliganHunter@mg · CEO & Co-founder Picks & Shovels
Hunted this because I've been a huge fan of Soma's products to date, starting with their first glass carafe filter. @mikedelponte and team have been hard at work for a long time to bring this stylish and solidly built water bottle to market. No fluff and frills or worries of BPA, just glass and a grip. Love it.
Mike Del Ponte
Mike Del PonteMaker@mikedelponte · CEO, Soma
Thanks for introducing us to Product Hunt, Matt!
Julia Onken
Julia OnkenHiring@juliaonken · Houseparty.
Pretty! How heavy is it when it's filled? I'm trying to keep my bag filled with a few high quality every day items but there's nothing worse than lugging around a lot of weight between work/gym/dinner/home. I'm trying to get a bit leaner.
Mike Del Ponte
Mike Del PonteMaker@mikedelponte · CEO, Soma
The bottle won't be heavy for you to keep in your bag. We designed it so fitness enthusiasts can take it with them to their gyms/classes.
Javier Villanueva
Javier Villanueva@jahvi · CEO, JV Software
@mikedelponte You should have made it heavy then, no pain no gain /s
d a n n y
d a n n y@searchresults
@mikedelponte How much does it weigh empty?
Chris Barrett
Chris Barrett@chrisbarrett · Founder,,
This is the most beautiful water bottle I have ever seen!
Mike Del Ponte
Mike Del PonteMaker@mikedelponte · CEO, Soma
@chrisbarrett Thanks, Chris!
Micah Baldwin
Micah Baldwin@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
As someone focused on his health, the quality and clarity of Soma's products are amazing! Love the new bottle.
Mike Del Ponte
Mike Del PonteMaker@mikedelponte · CEO, Soma
Thanks, Michah! Health is one of our brand's pillars and we wanted to create a product for our customers to hydrate everywhere they go.