The world's fastest messenger

What does being the "fastest messenger" mean?
@patrickjbradley I'm asking myself the same question
@patrickjbradley precisely. On what grounds do they constitute being "the worlds fastest messenger"? What was measured to justify this? Seems like a pretty bold and broad statement to make. Interested to understand their approach with this.
@patrickjbradley Perhaps to make people talking about it?
@haidersyed seen many startups making such unqualified statements recently unfortunately. "The world's fastest X", "the best designed X", "the first X"
@_jacksmith if it's qualified and backed up, by all means do so. But like you mentioned, it's happening too often nowadays and it's very rarely the case.
SOMA stands for Simple Optimized Messaging App and was crafted in the heart of the SOMA (South of Market) district of San Francisco which is where I'm currently staying!! :) I am always intrigued by new messaging apps and would love to know what this solves that I can't get from my other messaging apps?
@bentossell I've just installed it. I don't see any difference from WhatsApp or Telegram except for the video call, which you can make on Skype or Facebook messenger already.
Is the app icon an app store optimization strategy piggybacking on the well established WhatsApp brand? Or is there another reason the app icon is identical?
SOMA Messenger has apparently racked up 10 million users and is growing rapidly. Considerate towards privacy. Might be picking up where WhatsApp left off.
@tomflemming Was unaware WhatsApp left.
@tomflemming 10mm users is table stakes for a messaging app now. Phones are built for: games, messaging, photos, location. Those 4 categories explode or don't, right away (everything else languishes). Sounds like SOMA advertised 2,000 downloads in their previous messaging app (Coco) and their invite mechanics took over from there. Let's chat when those 10 million come back every day for the next 30 days.
@thetylerhayes @tomflemming experiment: can a slightly faster messaging platform overcome the network effects and moats of the messaging incumbants?
Just tested video with a friend in Jamaica and it worked really well. Just slightly better quality than whatsapp. Feels like a clone with better video/audio and encryption.