"Solving Product Design Exercises: Interview Questions & Answers" is a highly practical book for preparing for design interviews and practicing digital design skills.

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Hello PH! I’m super excited to share my book with you today! It’s goal is to help UX/product designers prepare for job interviews, practice their skills beyond aesthetics and help companies build designers hiring process. I believe there are not enough resources for designers to prepare for job interviews (unlike engineers/PMs). Often designers don’t know what to expect from the interview. In addition, they are mostly focused on the aesthetics and how things look over how they work and benefit the business. I decided to share my experience of hiring designers and my first step was sharing publicly the exercises we used during interviews at WeWork (https://blog.prototypr.io/produc...). The feedback I received was great. After talking to both designers and employees I decided to write this book that will help both designers and businesses to improve their skills, create better expectations and eventually build better products. The book features advice from design leaders who worked and led design teams at companies like Apple, Google, Pinterest, Square, IDEO, GitHub etc. Use this coupon code for a 15% discount RSDDHDEM2ZVF on the digital copy for the next 48 hours! UPD: Thank you PH, the book got to #1 in UX and #2 in Web Design categories on Amazon! 🙌
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@hvost This is awesome, thanks for hunting. Are there questions for all levels from junior to senior?
@abadesi Hello Abadesi! Yes, I had both types of designers as beta-readers and they both found it beneficial. I think for junior designers this book is beneficial because it provides an insight into what to expect during the hiring process, what skills should they have to get hired and practice these skills using the book. Senior designers would find additional tools for they daily work, learn about design career and how they can improve/build the hiring process for their company (which could help them to grow their own career).
@hvost Gonna take a look!
I had the chance to beta-read Artiom’s book before it was published and give some feedback. Ironically after reading it, I received a design exercise for a potential internship and applied everything listed in the book to ways to solve it. This is a resource that you can’t find anywhere else It touches on many details & supplies resources that I would not have learned about or utilized otherwise. It’s great for anyone who is becoming a designer, is a designer, or wants more information on design exercises. Almost each page in my copy of the book has a note on it. There is so much beneficial information throughout the book. It has maximized my understanding of how to do a design exercise and what else is expected of me. I appreciate the hard work that was put into this book and can’t wait for further books or tips.
Really cool
sounds like a good initiative, i'm going to get my hands on the PDF.
Damn, finally! I want this book!