Short mobile LeetCode-like challenges in game-like app

With SolveFaction you sharpen your coding challenge game by playing and competing on mobile.
Stay ready for future job interviews, expand your knowledge, and have fun climbing the leaderboard.
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Thank you @william02057116 for the hunt! It's our first one – and it simply feels great. Hi everyone! Ed here, co-founder of SolveFaction with @gunar. Let me tell you a bit more about it. As devs, we know that coding interview problems are not easy. There's really only one way to get better: First, learn and understand. Then practice, practice, practice. That's why we created SolveFaction – for the practice part. We figured that there's currently no way to practice when we're away from our computers. HackerRank/Leetcode questions take 30mins minimum, and we don't always have that much time available. Also, for many devs, finding the motivation to do interview prep doesn't come easily. -- Enter SolveFaction. We break down coding problems into short, mobile-friendly challenges. This means you can start whenever you want, stop whenever you need to, and still make progress. There's no coding required – coding on mobile is frustrating and we'd never ask you to do it. All the challenges are multiple choice questions crafted to make sure you can only answer correctly if you truly understand. We've also added user rankings and a leaderboard. This competitive aspect makes it fun, and has proven to be a strong (very strong!) motivator for some of our users. Obviously, SolveFaction is not a full replacement for the existing desktop platforms as it doesn't ask for the final implementation. But we think it could be a great complement to develop rock-solid pattern recognition and make the most out of your spare time. Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts. Thank you all!
Hi folks, my name is Gunar. And together with @edsioufi, we've been building SolveFaction for the past few months. We've realized there's no way to practice coding challenges on mobile. Especially with only a few minutes to spare. With SolveFaction we can all train during short work breaks, on our commutes (if that ever becomes a thing again), and when lying in bed. And it's fun! Let us know if you have any questions. We hope you'll like it!
Great idea! Congrats
@stevendixonn Thank you Steven! Glad to hear you like it.
Heartwarming idea! Love it <3
@andreagambier2 Thank you for the kind words Andrea! If you give it a go, we'd love to hear your feedback.
The idea is amazing! Good luck on the launch
@scottgo24325629 Thank you so much Scott! We'd love for you to try it out and let us know what you think.