Saving international travelers hours of time in airports

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Hey All, we created Solve to save international travelers hours of time in airports by meeting them at their gate, expediting immigration and customs, and making sure they are safely in their ground transportation. We operate in nearly 500 airports around the world, and we help with departures and connections too. We’re thrilled to be participating in YC’s current batch. Let’s say you’re traveling from San Francisco to London and you’ve booked our arrival service. Here’s what our agent does when you arrive: - Meets you at your gate holding a sign with your name on it. - Takes you through a special, fast track immigration lane. - Helps you with your checked baggage and expedites the customs process. Additional baggage porters are available if you have a lot of luggage. - Makes sure you seamlessly and safely go from the airport to your pre-booked vehicle, or helps you get a taxi, train ticket, or rental car. For a group of two people, our service costs $225 in London and $210 in Hong Kong. It's about $75/person from there. We’ve built the first technology-focused, universal booking platform in our space. We’re completely transparent with our pricing and we show exactly what services are available in each airport. This sounds like a given, but it’s new to this space. We’re currently focused on the business travel market, but we help families, unaccompanied minors, and elderly too. I stumbled upon this idea when a friend and I were flying from Seoul to Bangkok. I wondered if there was a way for us to get through customs more quickly, and I found a website for a company that said it could help. I took the risk of giving this company our passport and credit card details, and amazingly, it all worked out. When we arrived, an agent met us at the gate, we were whisked through the airport process in minutes, and the agent helped us get a taxi to our hotel. I wanted to book the service in other areas, but there was no place to do it. Check it out and please let us know what you think. Thank you!
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260 bucks for skipping security... not sure that is worth it when you have a priority ticket anyways
@christopher_podlaski expediting security is one of the benefits to Solve, but we also expedite immigration and customs, which are a huge pain point at many airports around the world. And you're right, a first or business class ticket has some perks, but with Solve, you can get those perks and more without having a specific ticket class or airline status.
I don't quite understand what's being offered and why it's this expensive
@gowtham_jeyakumar check out the service description I posted below, and please let me know what questions I can answer. Thanks!
Having worked in luxury lifestyle hotels for many years, I know this would be hugely popular with a large part of hotel guests. Up until now it was really difficult to offer this kind of service to guests. Expectations are changing rapidly in the hospitality industry. Will you be promoting this with for example hotel concierges and front desk staff @blainevess ?
@javerbode That's a wonderful idea. We have a few hotel concierges that know about and use our services, but we're definitely looking to reach more. We'd love any insights or tips that you may have! @blainevess
See a huge benefit for those who are solo and not as capable. Ie Grandparents.
@samir_doshi Hi Samir! Definitely agree. We have quite a few elderly clients that use the service. It comforts them and their family to know that Solve can whisk them through the airport and provide an extra layer of safety.