Record and preserve a lifetime of stories

Dear Product Hunters, Free Full Account Singup for Hunters : We as a team in Idaho Ketchum - USA and Chennai, India we have worked last one year on a fantastic product called Solu. We hope you all love this product, if you have any feedback we are happy to hear from you. You can write to or directly to me Solu is a wonderful App that Record and preserve a lifetime of stories. We carefully designed and developed this app to make it easier for everyone from 10 years to 100 years person. Kindly vote for it in product hunt. We have decided to give free full account signup for product hunters. Normal Price would be $29.99 for hunters its free :) Website : Intro Video : 
iPad App : Thanks once again hunters for your love and wishes. Thanks Suresh
The website shows up as blank (on windows chrome) until I close the product hunt bar at the top.
@golear Thanks @harshoptimist would look into and fix that. Thanks for taking your time to leave a feedback