Secure login made open and easy 🔒

#3 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2018

Solo is a FIDO2 security key you can use to securely login to websites. It's an open source alternative to Google Titan.

It works with PCs and mobile phones via NFC.

It supports signed firmware updates, so we can soon add new features like OpenPGP, one time passwords, static passwords, and cryptocurrency wallet features.

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Happy to answer any questions and talk design/security details! We're on Kickstarter! 🔥 - Uses a true random number generator to generate keys - Microcontroller has hardware based code isolation for better security - Signed firmware updates that can be done from our website
Great job!! 😊
Does anyone have feedback on the physical product? Like on the colors? How do you like them?

I had the opportunity to play with a prototype key a few weeks ago. Initially, the case was two pieces and glad to see that they went with a silicone sleeve design. I think the LED emitting through the logo is pretty's well to some of my other students here at Rutgers! No problem using with Google or Facebook.


Open source. Awesome LED...easy to use.


It doesn't ship until December

I should add a disclaimer, I am Conor's brother. But I am also nontech in background so pretty cool that I could figure this thing out.
Does this work on any browser?
@stanimir_mihov1 It works on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Safari is working on adding support. Opera I think, but I haven't tried haha.