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Solodoers is a managed marketplace to connect validated MVPs with the right talent to scale them and vice-versa.

If you are hungry to lead and own a company or have a side-project with potential but no time to execute, apply.
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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Today we want to share with all of you a product that we’ve been wanting to make for a while that can give life back to lots of our neglected side-projects and help those that want to scale ideas that have already been tested and worked. As fellow makers, we made a few products with potential and have a vision on how to scale them, yet we currently don’t have the time and resources to execute them well. We believe a small percentage of people have the best ideas, but less time to execute them. On the other hand, there are many top talents available lacking good MVPs, they are awesome executing but do not have the best ideas. While there are a lot of side-project marketplaces out there, they generally look neglected and not many people want to pay cash for an ageing abandoned project. That is why we have created Solodoers. 👉 FOR MAKERS BY MAKERS Solodoers is instead a managed MVP marketplace where you can apply with your projects and we will manually, using a +10.000 top talent network, match you with - A maker or team that wants to relaunch and scale that project. 👉 SUBMIT A PROJECT ✅ It is better to own a 10% of a successful startup than a 100% of a project that expires into a drawer. ✅It's very useful for makers because they can monetize old side projects by getting others to launch them, and we’re doing all of the legwork of finding the best deals and connections. The alternative usually results in the side project’s death.. ✅ Fresh and motivated talent, your idea is good but maybe you are not the right one to execute it. ✅ If we do not select your MVP at least we will give you feedback. ✅ Bonus: If your idea is brilliant we will thrilled to do the MVP for you with no-code and support you with the first product launch. 👉 APPLY AS A DOER ✅ All the curated MVPs are top notch, with a good domain, some visits and revenue. If you do not want to start from 0, Solodoers is your home! ✅ Reduce the learning curve. Projects already tested with product market fit. ✅ Do not work alone. Join a community of more than +100 successful doers. You will receive support, clients and people who believe in you. Yes we have a community! ✅ You don’t need a team, or an idea to join. We want talented, brave and committed people from a range of backgrounds, or industry experts, with an epic determination to make things happen. ✅ Our teams are led by knowledgeable founders who've been there, done that and now own the company that sells the t-shirts. Some of the doers are executives or serial entrepreneurs who sold their companies and do not have time to execute. 🚀TO SPICE THINGS UP ✅ Doers already love Solodoers. Go to Solodoer’s website to check out some of the MVPs users published, most of them are already selling! ✅ Solodoers has been in beta for some time and more than 5 founders have already given their side projects to new entrepreneurs, so the final product we are launching today is well tried and tested! 😌 All in all, Solodoers combines a series of knowledge and whatever to make side-projects more feasible for everyone. Excited to hear all of your feedback and see what you can find and do with Solodoers🙌
As a freelancer, the world needs more opportunities :D I love the sound of your product and will be following your startup journey! I've put together a bit of feedback if you have time to through some of the suggestions :) Congrats again for the launch on PH! 🙌
@christian_piponides Thank you very much, a lot of added value!
@christian_piponides The tool you used to make this feedback is awesome, will take a look at it! :D
This is amazing. As a person who is always developing side-projects this is the solution I need to find people who want to scale them. Good luck!!
Amazing idea! This is definitely needed!
Gran idea. Mucha suerte!!