Solo Selfie

Create and share one-of-a-kind selfie videos

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Aloha Hunters, Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith !! Solo Selfie is a #computer_vision & #deep_learning full body effects for #selfie #video & #photo It would be great to have your feedback on this cool green-screen machine :)
Fun! And you have original filters with trippy stuff. I want more space to see my pics though.
@marister - Thanks! What did you mean by - "I want more space to see my pics though" ?
@ereztal1 I want to see my entire screen not just part of it. like snapchat and not instush I guess
@marister - We are currently saving the videos and the photos with the square format but on the next app release, first on Apple devices, you will have a full-screen photo and video option, as well as for full-screen backgrounds.
This is awesome! Do you guys have a video of this cool app?
Pretty cool app. Not a fan of the subscription pricing so I won't be purchasing it, I'm glad I gave it a try.
@anodigital thanks, it's not a subscription, you're welcome to try the 15 sec premium for one month. We are releasing in the coming days a version with full screen and 10 sec free πŸ˜„
@ereztal1 so you mean it doesn't auto renew?
@anodigital -yes, it's only for the period you select it.