Get paid anywhere with cards, using a personal link.

#2 Product of the DayJune 08, 2015




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Orlando TM MeroneMaker@orlandotm ·
Hey Hunters (thanks Giuliano)! SOLO is a platform that allows any (€) european merchant to accept credit and debit card payments without having to swipe the card through a physical device. The merchant shares his public and customizable profile with the customer, who can easily pay from any device. NO app and NO hardware are required, NO fixed costs and NO monthly fees. Only a small fee for each transaction. Choose your username, share your personal link with your payers and get paid in a snap ( (Eg. We'd love to have your feedbacks on any aspect of the product!
Tobia De Angelis@tobdea · Entrepreneur (stealth). BD & product.
Great product and great founders. Truly passionate about the problem they are solving.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
this looks identical to Square Cashtags; how is this different, is it just the European version?
Giuliano IacobelliHunter@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
@_jacksmith yep that's how they started. I don't know much about their broader vision but looks like they're doing a good job building an EU-based Cashtag.
Edoardo G. RaimondiMaker@edorai · Co-Founder,
@giuliano84 said it right, but let me add SOLO also accepts credit cards @_jacksmith
Max Ciociola@maxciociola · CEO musixmatch
@giuliano84 you work for them ?
Giuliano IacobelliHunter@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
@maxciociola of course not. My own company, @Stamplay, already takes enough time ;)
Orlando TM MeroneMaker@orlandotm ·
Thanks @giuliano84! Hi @_jacksmith, we'd love to get your feedback. :)
David Bedussa@ilbedussa · Business Hacker | Wadi Ventures
So Happy to see another Italian company doing very well!
Orlando TM MeroneMaker@orlandotm ·
Thanks @ilbedussa! We'd love to get your feedback :)
Matthew Barby@matthewbarby
This looks great. How does it differ from the likes of Stripe?
Giuliano IacobelliHunter@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
@matthewbarby not much right now, they're just focused on a different market as Square Cashtags is not available in EU yet.
Edoardo G. RaimondiMaker@edorai · Co-Founder,
@matthewbarby SOLO accepts also credit cards while SCT is debit card only. Thanks for your interest!