A live design output that integrates with code editor

A Live Design Output that integrates seamlessly with code editor to deliver real time, multi viewport previewing of HTML, CSS, SASS and LESS as you write it.

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This looks almost too good to be true πŸ˜… I'll be sure to check it out, congrats on the launch πŸ‘πŸš€
Went to the site- was loving it - scrolling through the content, ready to hit the Free trial button - and then suddenly saw "Made for the Mac" :( broke my heart...
Is it not gonna be available for Windows?
@kvschethan sorry no plans right now.
@kvschethan @normsheeran people complain about the size and memory usage of Electron apps, but this is the perfect use case for it.
Got genuinely excited the more i scrolled down to eventually be kicked in the face by it being "Made for the Mac".
@itsnblackburn Does it make sense to be a frontend dev on anything but a mac these days?
@duarteosrm About as much sense as any other platform.
@itsnblackburn Really? Even with sketch and other apps being mac only, and with certain packages requiring *nix-based OSs? I'm not really fussed, I've just never heard or seen anyone say using Windows is just as good as any other OS for development.
@duarteosrm You won't have heard it because most people know better than to start a flame war on the internet over which OS is best. The support is there in all 3 making them equally capable, the only thing holding anyone back is vendors.
@itsnblackburn @duarteosrm I'm late chiming in here but before I comment, I understand that some products have to have regional boundaries and why some don't. With that being said, a MAC in Africa (where I'm from & where I reside) is not the most "accessible" piece of hardware. It is not regionally blocked, it's just super expensive. This has never stopped us from making the most of what is available..which is Windows. I may be wrong here but your thread seems to imply that it "doesn't makes sense" to develop helpful frontend dev tools for anything other than a mac. You have successfully excluded the majority of the market share for computers. TL:DR - My thoughts are all over the place here but what I am trying to say is that an OS shouldn't be rendered "nonsensical" simply because another OS excels in one or a few other aspects.
Hey folks, I'm Norm the creator of Solis, happy to answer any question you may have.