World’s first solar-powered wirefree video doorbell

Soliom is the World’s first solar-powered wireless video doorbell ☀️🔔

Fully self-sustainable with integrated Solar Panel;

1080p full HD live video streaming;

IP65 grade of Weatherproof;

Day and night 24/7 guardian;

2-Way Talk;1-way video;

One-step installation process;

Day and night mode switch

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Does it work if I live in the arctic tundra of Michigan where we don't see the sun all winter?
@jakewesorick We did thousands of different testing when no direct sunlight comes in. Soliom Video Doorbell supports with powerful solar panel detectors and a built-in 5000 mA lithium battery to be fully self-sustainable, which means no need for you to change your doorbell battery even there is no direct sunlight. Thanks.
@jakewesorick @manyu_zhang interesting! We work with other battery-powered camera companies but no one has done solar yet. This is really cool! Does it plug into my existing chime somehow?
@jakewesorick @thatmattgardner it perfectly matches with our current door chime. We suggest to use whole set with Soliom, it will be more easier to work properly and long standing using.

I have an advance unit and I love it. The app is intuitive and the video quality is unbelievable. 10/10


Just set it and forget it - love the team at Soliom


none so far

Hey Zack, thanks for the support. Cheers!

It is a perfect choice for you


poewred by the sun,I don't need to charge it. 2easy to set up. I can know what happens even if I am in the kitchen.It is waterproof.


none I like this doorbell very much.

Hey Lucy, thanks for the support and kind comment. Its very cheerful us. Thanks.
Got excited then saw the -20 degrees recommendation. I live in Sweden, some cold winters can be -30 or more in rare occasions. Will this kill the unit?
@jasondainter unless you live in lappland or in historic sweden in the 1940'ies you never really get below -20. And if you live in lappland, you dont need a video/doorbell;-)
Wonderful device!
@thomas_folsom Don't miss out the chance to get the special offer and bring one back if you are interested in Soliom video doorbell.