Brazil's fastest growing marketplace for handmade products

Hello Everyone, Here's Tiago Dalvi, CEO & Founder of Solidarium! I'm all yours today. Best, Tiago.
Such an awesome team and marketplace.
@OilcanGuitar Seconded! I had the pleasure of chatting with Tiago a few weeks ago and love what Solidarium is doing. They're giving Brazilian designers a great outlet and making "handmade" a positive thing internationally.
@nayafia Thanks for your message! Demo Day today was great! We're now considering even more expanding Solidarium to other countries besides Brazil.
@dalvitiago 1) are you guys looking to expand from brazil outwards? 2) how difficult has it been to get into stores in Brazil?
@eriktorenberg thanks for your comment! 1) Yes, in 4 to 6 months. We intend to consolidate our work in Brazil first. 2) Not that difficult. We currently secured a bunch a small and medium retailers for our sellers. Inbound new (good) sellers is the real challenge.
Thanks everyone!