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Hi everyone, With Solid, we're working to improve the way we meet. The Solid bot for Slack is one more step we're taking to help you easily manage your meetings. For now, it knows how to list your meetings and let you add notes to them. We're looking to add more commands according to feedback and how you use it :) In case you're unfamiliar with Slack bots, here's how it works: 1. You first have to invite it to your Slack team (follow the "get it" button to access all the info) 2. Then, once it's in your Slack team, invite it to any channel of your choice and/or send him private messages 3. A good conversation started is to say hi, but you can also directly ask him 'help' to get the full list of available commands I'll be monitoring this thread all day and will be happy to assist with any questions!
Loving all these bots showing up for Slack, almost makes me start to think to create a Slack just for myself and install some bots to help me manage my day and all things which come across my path during the day. Maybe the ultimate extendible assistant as a replacement for Facebook M / Siri / Google Now..
@jcvangent Did you have a look into Zapier or IFTTT ? It sounds like they'd be useful for what you're suggesting. We have also an integration set up between Solid and Zapier. It was one of the first steps we took to give more freedom to our users. Many of the most engaged Solid users have one zap or two set up to export Solid content to other apps they use. One very cool and innovative thing Slack adds to the mix is the conversational style you'll get, even if you're talking to a bot. It's definitely more pleasant to do things when there's instant feedback and gratification :)
@thibautdavoult yeah I know Zapier and IFTTT, but indeed like you say the cool thing in the mix is the conversational style you'll have with Slack. So with bots like these and others you can mix and match to create your own AI :-)
@thibautdavoult Hi Thibault can we book meetings with member of our teams with Solid ?