Solaris Sky Calendar

An astronomy calendar right in your pocket

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Hey guys! I’m one of creators of Solaris, happy to hear your thoughts. Solaris started more than a year ago as a weekly email digest for people interested in astronomy. From a personal experience and subscriber’s feedback, we felt like there was no really easy way to know when celestial events are happening. So, we decided to build one.
Solaris Sky Calendar is an astronomy calendar app that shows you upcoming celestial events. With it, you would never miss the next meteor shower, lunar eclipse, planet conjunction or one of hundreds of other events happening in the night sky right over your head. It’s a beautiful handcrafted experience with lots of hidden gems that would open a grand and awesome Universe we live in.
The background in your header seems very 'No Man's Sky'. Pumped to check out what you've built.
@mmp7700 👌 Thanks Michael! Would love to hear your opinion
This is an incredible app. The most beautiful I have ever used. Guys, thank you very much, waiting for new updates and features.
@alex_zverusha 😍 thanks Alex! we've got a lot of cool stuff coming soon.
Downloaded, beautiful looking app
@leachy114 great to hear, Christopher!