Energy generating solar panel window blinds

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I would rather place my solar panels to a place where they can be utilised at most!!!! Why would I want to choose between letting some sunshine in versus generating electricity? Sorry, anyone who upvotes this or buys this, is not an engineer.
@eralpbayraktar Agree. I remember watching a YouTube video on solar windows. Literally transparent windows that generate electricity. I see a bright future for that sort of technology (pun intended).
@eralpbayraktar It's not a matter of letting natural light in or generating electricity, it's capturing wasted energy that would otherwise get blocked by the blinds. Whether it is economically viable is another story. I mean, eventually all roads lead to everything. Solar shirts to power your AirPods. Solar tinted glass to power your Spectacles. ...
It seems really interesting, but how effective it's? We usually spend a good amount of time trying to find the best position and inclination in the location to place the solar panels, so it will have the best payback possible and the panels will be not only economic interesting but also environmentally friendly. ( For those who don't know, low-efficiency panels may be in the end, harmful to the environment). How to deal with that in a project like this?
If these really work it is a great solution for small level generation. I'm looking out four giant windows that sit in the sun nearly all day
@airjoshb @joaovitor2763 I love the direction this, and similar solutions are headed. Anything that puts even a small dent in the energy crisis is a win for us all. Plus, this is cool real estate tech. Saving this to my collections and may write about it in an upcoming article.
@joaovitor2763 why might low-efficiency panels be harmful to the environment? Tell me more...
there's an energetic cost and pollution in the process of making a solar panel, to compensate it the pannel has to be able to produce more energy over their lifetime than it was used to produce it. That being said, if the panel isn't effective enough, the amount of energy that will be produced will be lower than the amount of energy spend to make it, and therefore the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse effect gases that the solar panel will avoid of being released, will be lower that the ones that were being produced to make the panel.