Solar Wallet

Simple and secure Stellar wallet

Solar is a simple, secure, and 100% open wallet for Stellar with an emphasis on smooth user experience. With this wallet, it’s super simple to create accounts, manage your Stellar assets/tokens, and enable multi-signature authorization on your accounts for extra security.

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Software engineer, open sorcerer
Hello Hunters! I am super excited to share Solar with you - a business-friendly desktop (and soon mobile) wallet that we have been developing, aiming to make the great features that the Stellar network offers more convenient to use and provide extended functionality beyond what's been possible so far. We focussed on a clean and simple user interface, while also facilitating Stellar's advanced capabilities and going beyond that. Here is what you can experience today: - Cutting-edge multi-signature support across devices - Realtime notifications on remote transactions requiring your signature - Conveniently add fiat-backed assets like EURT or USD - Non-custodial, you got full control over your secret key Seeing this as a chance to intensify collaboration with the community and foster trust in the application's code, we are happy to announce that the wallet's source code, an electron app built on React.js and TypeScript, is already published under the GPL license on GitHub. Our intention is to not just disclose the code, but actually make it an open source project. We invite everyone to join the discussions and actively participate in its continuing development. Furthermore we are planning to open-source the delegated signature service layer that's already powering our multi-signature features and turn the whole system into an open standard, in form of a Stellar Ecosystem Proposal. For this reason we have coordinated our efforts with Interstellar from the very beginning. So what's next? Expect a mobile app for Android & iOS, support for the decentralized exchange and more cool features soon! Happy hacking, happy hunting!
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