SOLAR by Aireal

Walk among the planets via geospatial augmented reality

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Andrew Zusman
@uxandrew · UX Designer
I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at this a while back and I've been salivating to post it ever since. I've seen a bunch of AR stuff that just felt weird. This one's the real deal. Gamechanger.
Sam Doshi
@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
This is such a cool experience.
Landon Ledford
@landoncledford · Co-Founder at InstaHype.it
This is great @the_kevin_hart, but where's the 9th planet?! :) On a serious note, how is the solar system anchored at a certain height/altitude? Just based on my altitude?
@gubarev · Indie developer
I really wanted to try it, but it seems not available in the Russian store. Any plans to release it here? Thanks!
Varun Dave
@varundave · Varun Dave
Unable to download for my device - OnePlus One.