SOLAR by Aireal

Walk among the planets via geospatial augmented reality

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I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at this a while back and I've been salivating to post it ever since. I've seen a bunch of AR stuff that just felt weird. This one's the real deal. Gamechanger.
Hey all, I'm the ‘Maker’ here (well, representing my rockstar team) and so glad to be on ProductHunt! Thank you Andrew for sharing! We created the SOLAR app to showcase the possibilities of Aireal’s geospatial augmented reality platform, and wanted to make it available to you guys first. Please, please ask questions and send feedback, as I'll be here answering questions all day! I’d love to know what you think of how our technology works and get any feedback you may have… Fire away!
Hey @the_kevin_hart ! I'd love to know more about your backstory and how the company was formed. How are you expecting architects / game developers and hobbyists to use your platform? What languages would you recommend to someone who is going to be building their own experiences through Aireal?
@wesmagness! Thanks for reaching out with such great questions! We founded Aireal with the vision of having a user experience based medium of augmented reality experiences, but in order to do so we had to pass the existing limitations of augmented reality technology. We had to move past the use of markers or image recognition because we didn’t want the experiences to be limited to the dimensions of an image. So we set out and created Aireal, which allows you to place any size content, anywhere in the world at longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates! With Aireal, we believe that our only limitation is your imagination! You should check out our other key differentiators on our website; These how we are going to sell Airspace (The domain name of the real world) and understand every outdoor environment in true 3D without the use of computer vision - this is our Digital Mold! Right now we are working on partnerships with many companies and organizations to integrate the Aireal platform in their application or build an application for them! We can’t wait to share the experiences that our new partnerships have in store! As for building your own experiences on Aireal, all of our development is currently done in-house at Aireal. However, in the near future we are looking to expand out to allow others to build on our platform. When we make this available it will start as a plugin for Unity3D and will be available on the Unity Asset Store.
@the_kevin_hart Brilliant. I, along with thousands of others, tuned into Vision Summit the other day... and implementing a plugin for Unity will be key in recruiting developers to using the platform.
This is such a cool experience.
Thanks @samir_doshi! We really appreciate the feedback! Make sure that you sign up on our webpage to receive early access to our newest products that will be launching!
This is great @the_kevin_hart, but where's the 9th planet?! :) On a serious note, how is the solar system anchored at a certain height/altitude? Just based on my altitude?
Good question @landoncledford! For the SOLAR demo, the content will always be about 5 - 10 ft above you! We did this to have consistency of experience no matter where you open the app. However, on the Aireal platform, we have the ability to anchor content at a constant altitude (as well as any longitude and latitude coordinates) and it will remain anchored at that position!
I really wanted to try it, but it seems not available in the Russian store. Any plans to release it here? Thanks!
@gubarev we should be releasing it internationally in the near future! Sign up on our website to receive updates and we will let you know when it is available!
Unable to download for my device - OnePlus One.
@varundave where are you located? SOLAR is only available in the US right now but will be available internationally in the near future!
@the_kevin_hart oh, ok. I am from India, thought it was launched across geographies. Look forward to it.
@varundave Sorry for the inconvenience! Sign up on our website to receive updates and we will notify when it is available! Thanks for your interest!