Solace Plus

A subscription service for gender transition.

Solace Plus is a subscription service in which subscribers will get a note and giftcard each month that is associated with a gender transition goal. Monthly rewards are based on your pronouns; receive gifts that will be relevant for your needs and goals.
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Robbi Katherine Anthony
Founder of Solace. [She/Her]
Hello, product hunt! We're back again with our latest development that aims to help make transition easier for transgender folks. We hope this product can provide its users with the affirmation, encouragement, and support they need to move forward with their transition goals. It is really easy to fall behind on one's transition goals and this can help mitigate that from happening. Like the other products I've built, this is something I wish I would have had when I first came out. Currently, we are launching with "she" and "he" subscriptions, but we may expand it depending on the success of this service. As always, I'm happy to answer any questions!
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