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Thanks for checking out my Software for Projects curation site! In my work, I'm constantly recommending project management, BPM, business management, task management, resource planning, OKR & CRM software so I thought I'd share my research of > 200 products.

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Hey PH'ers! I'd thought of dozens of ways of being able to share the research I do in recommending project management tools and I've tried to keep it as simple as possible. Future plans are to build out the Winners category, write more content and create some free forms that will use conditional logic to find the best fit software for your business or project. Feel free to PM me if I've missed any programs or if you've got suggestions for what would make the site easier for you to use. Love your work! ---------------- ⬇ Let me know what project / task management tool you're using in the comments ⬇
+ a thanks to @piotrkulpinski for his Chipmunk theme.
@richp_ fantastic work! You made my day when I saw Plutio listed on there πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ» - thanks!
@leobassam Looks rad! Look forward to recording a demo of it shortly.
Some great new product additions from these makers ➫ @aymericg , @omerperchik , @maltissimo11 , @seyz_ @jessep Popular picks are: - Monday by @zzeran & @pauline_majerczyk - Hey Space by @pidzuchna , @krudnicki , @michal_kwiatek & @klewer8 - Sunsama by @thepriyadarshy & @travisawakens - Redbooth by @gabaix - Basecamp by @jasonfried (I'm loving his new book), @dhh & @bergatron
I have bookmarked this. Thank you. But man, you need a website logo πŸ˜‰
@welvinrc So true! Hours hunting for software & minutes putting together a logo (I only had one job haha)
Thanks @richp_ for including Roll in your list!
@mposborne I've been recommending Roll to some clients who need a full picture of their business. Beautiful design!
Looks great! Would be nice to see a feature matrix table developed for comparison purposes.
@jasenf Definitely something I considered and it was a hard choice on whether to try to be objective or subjective with the research. I was originally thinking of having sections for free software, sort by view (Kanban, Gantt, List etc) but I held back and kept to simple categories on the front page. For features, as they change quite often across all software, I'm going to look to highlight them in blog posts and put them in the Winner's category ( ). Stay tuned for articles highlighting characteristics like simplicity, design, free, messaging, Kanban view, Gantt view, unique features etc Thanks for the suggestion!